Chicago Brass Quintet has offered master classes and clinics throughout the world for the past twenty-five years. Each session usually begins with a brief introductory performance by the quintet followed by an open discussion (question and answer period.) Whenever possible, we like to work with local ensembles or soloists on works they have been preparing or compositions we have sent ahead for them to work on specifically for the master class. This is always done in consultation with the music department or brass department chair. As we work with the local musicians the entire audience becomes more engaged in the process. When time allows we split into groups of like instruments to allow for more individualized instruction. Each clinic is usually brought to a close by performing a work with all the attendants participating. The quintet has worked with college, high- school, community and professional ensembles in this manner. Collectively the members of the quintet teach or have taught at, The DePaul University School of Music, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Northwestern University, Northern Illinois University, Elmhurst College, Columbia College, Birch Creek Summer Music Camp and Roosevelt University’s Chicago Musical College. They bring the skills they have developed through their many years of experience as professors, ensemble coaches, chamber and orchestral musicians and communicators to each setting. This has proven to be extremely helpful in working with a wide variety of talent and experience levels.

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